Crypto Secret Santa Rules!

Secret Santa for the ones who really want it to be a secret.

How to play

The rules of the game are simple.

Everyone (including the game master)

  1. Click the gift box to get your "Secrets" here
  2. You will get two keys. Save the "Private" key for yourself (You'll need it later!) and submit the "Public" key anonymously
  3. The game master will publish secret messages (one for each player) containing the number of the giftee.
  4. Use your "Private" key to decode what your giftee's number is here
  5. Pick a number to identify yourself that isnt the one you decoded
  6. You are now the secret santa for the personn that picked the same number as the one you decoded!

Remember, due to the magic of cryptography, your "Private" key can unlock only one of the messages the gamemaster shares

Game Master

  1. Make sure you have a way for the players to submit the keys anonymously
  2. Once the submit the keys, use each key (picked randomly) to encrypt a number between 1 and the number of players using the Encrypt page
  3. Share all the encrypted messages with everyone
  4. Continue the game as a player

How does this work

The keys are for public key cryptography. Using crypto magic, only the corresponding private key for a key pair can decode a message encrypted by its public key. How does this ensure anonimity? When a player generates a key pair, only they have access to both keys. Once they share the public key anonymously, the game master has access to their public key, but does not know whom that key belongs to (See how to make it anonymous in the next section). Now when the gamemaster encrypts a number, only the player who has the corresponding private key can see what that number is. The purpose of picking a number after decoding your number is to make sure you are not your own secret santa